solutions for retailers

IceCream Labs provides a comprehensive solution to content creation and optimization for digital retail merchandising  teams.

tired of poor supplier content?

Stop struggling with the poor content from your suppliers and start enriching the content you have with artificial intelligence from IceCream Labs.

optimizeyour catalog

  • Measure and monitor your catalog quality
  • Automatic product classification
  • Auto enrich your content
  • De-duplicate your content
  • Enhance Image health
  • Auto extract product attributes

catalog IQ demo screen

want to improve your merchandising performance?

The human brain operates on data, however as your product count grows, it can become difficult to see all of the connections between categories, products and groupings and then match this to your customer intentions. At IceCream Labs, our AI helps collect and analyze all of your product data and then generate product insights to help improve sales performance and boost shopper satisfaction.

category analysis

  • Automatically identify gaps in category
  • Compare against competitors
  • Re-balance & re-structure categories
  • De-duplicate products