Media and Entertainment

The video platform that makes videos truly interactive for content owners. Imagine videos that your viewers can converse with, can play around with! Video is now a 2 way street!


Discover information

Tap the video to pull relevant information on what you see in the video. The 3 P’s: People, Places and Products

Shop while you watch

Our technology can recognize & match apparel, pattern and color to give your users identical choices to shop from. It could be player jersey, sports merchandise or even an LBD.

Track people

You know you have felt the need to track players in a game. You want to be able to see what the coach sees. Now, you can let your viewers do the same. Track people as they move in a video with a tap!

Share memorable moments

Imagine being able to record, clip & share only snippets from an entire video. May be a cool touch down or a hilarious moment in a TV show. You can now do just that with AtlasPlay.



Interactivity makes videos
highly immersive and sticky,
enabling you to increase
your user engagement
like never before.

Customer acquisition

Adding a layer of interactivity
to your mobile app videos will
make help you acquire more
users and increase your
overall viewership.


Generate multiple revenue streams with AtlasPlay. Your videos will now be commerce and advertising enabled, so you can get creative with multiple in-video monetization models.