Creating a catalog of your MRO parts (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) is as easy as taking a picture. For searching, forget part numbers and barcodes – just take a picture, find relevant information and buy it.


Fast search

Visual search zeroes in on the right products 50% faster than conventional text search.

Quick cataloging

Forget time consuming cataloging operations. Take a picture, select the recommended part and enter number of units. HaloMind does the rest including pulling all the product information and metadata from the master catalogs.

Order on demand

Order the item, you visually searched for at the tap of a button. No more browsing through multiple pages of options. Scan what you like, get what you scan.

Part information

Visual Search also pulls all the part information provided in the master catalog, so get to know more about the part, how to use it and relevant manufacturer recommendations.

Easy integration

Our cloud API can be integrated into any smart phone app and you can enable visual search in hours.


Save precious time in creating catalogs. HaloMind can save you up to 50% in cataloging costs.
Increase your business revenue by concurrently reducing customer product search time and order time.
Save on operating costs: Minimize customer calls received to find the right part or take orders.