Shop on TV: Redefining Window Shopping

TV is Back!

Watching the finals of the World Cup on your 55 inch HDTV, you realize that you needed to buy new shoes for your friend’s birthday, if only you could do it on the same screen without missing the live action. A TV ad reminds you that you have to buy a new dress for your next office meeting, while you’re on the phone with your boss. How simple would it be if you could complete the order by the end of the call?

Who doesn’t love to shop? The emergence of e-commerce sites took the customer experience to a whole new level. With a network connection, anybody could buy, sell, rate, read and review the products online. A revolution started and products with bad reviews and ratings were no longer tolerated which lead to increase in quality and improved customer satisfaction. The future has a lot more to offer with the emerging t-commerce apps! Now one can sit home watching their favorite series and shop anything ranging from room décor to daily groceries.

The thought of buying the apparel your favorite celebrity has donned, on the TV with just a click, skipping all the tedious search and annoying transactions may seem surreal now but not for long. The future of TV apps is a treasure not for the customers but also the sellers.

Advertisements could be seamlessly integrated with the ongoing streaming and the relevant customers would willfully buy the products. Advertisements would no longer be unnecessary slots but an additional plus factor to enhance the viewing experience.

Currently apps like Gilt are making it big by launching their apps in platforms like Apple TV’s app store and smart TVs. Apple has a new, dedicated shopping category for its users in its new generation Apple TV giving them a major stage for showcasing its t-commerce implementation viability.

We are transitioning from Browser Window Shopping to TV Couch Shopping; considering this, we can say that the future of TV lies in App Integration. Second Screen integration as a virtual layer on the existing TV screen would render second screens in reality as a thing of the past.

Why go on your phone for shopping when your TV itself works as your computer, your phone and your entertainment unit as well? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments.

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