Intelligent Data Mesh

intelligent attribute extraction and product relationships start here. 

Introducing the Intelligent data mesh


How complete is your product data? There are several characteristics which provide insight:

  • Missing attributes
  • Accuracy of attributes (are all of the attributes congruent?)
  • How unique are the attributes?
  • Is your product record SEO optimized?
  • How well does your product data match up to customer site searches?
  • List Element


Can you afford to manually touch every record? Depending on the size of your product catalog, it may be too big of a task for manual curation, this is where automation can help.

  • Extract attributes from image data
  • Auto generate titles and descriptions.
  • Identify related products, category groupings and merchandise facets.


Once all of the product data is complete, the IDM uses facet information to connect all of the products across your catalog. From here, curation workflow is simplified for merchandising and e-commerce managers.

  • Automatic curation workflow.
  • Generate “looks”, “collections” and “matching products” from your enhanced catalog.
  • Enhance the buyers experience with rich content

Innovation Award

Innovation Award Winner: Best Awareness Tech

IceCream Labs Intelligent Data Mesh was awarded an inaugural Innovation Award at the 2018 SHOP.ORG event for the “Best Awareness Tech”. This is the first event in which the National Retail Foundation presented technology-based awards. The winners were chosen from among the 34 exhibitors at the conference by a panel of judges representing venture capitalists, technology incubators, retailers and journalists. Companies had to showcase their ability to most effectively apply the latest advances in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning, facial recognition, data analytics, robotics and more. The winners were selected based on the impact of their innovation, product execution, ability to scale and market fit.

Press Release



  • IceCream Labs CatalogIQ is the foundation of the IceCream Labs Intelligent Commerce solution.
  • With CatalogIQ, companies can ensure their product catalog data is complete and that it’s ready to use with customers.
  • CatalogIQ is especially beneficial for product catalogs with a large number of products. Using machine learning models,
  • CatalogIQ can adapt to changes in product data over time as users add and delete products or merge new supplier data.
  • Regardless of what is being sold, CatalogIQ can quickly learn about product attributes and begin to validate the integrity of the meta-data.


  • IceCream Labs StyleIQ helps automate the daily workflow tasks of the merchandising manager to reduce their workload. Working as a virtual assistant. 
  • StyleIQ can research the latest social media trends and suggest new product configurations.  
  • The IDM can then automatically enhance and enrich your product catalog data directly from your PIM or MDM.
  • Finally, by providing online customers with an enhanced shopping experience, you improve their ability to visualize the choices in your product line, increase the “discoverability” of your products online and improve the opportunity for both conversion and an increased gross merchandise volume at checkout.

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