Grocery Retailers, are you ready to give your online customers a more satisfying shopping experience?

Customers expect to find products quickly and easily.

can they do that with your current catalog?

the journey starts with quality content

Your current brick and mortar supplier data isn't rich enough to publish directly into your digital product catalog. 

For e-commerce you need:

  • Quality product images including relevant Nutrition Facts
  • Accurate meta-data, including attributes like: allergens, sugar free, Kosher certified, Non-GMO and other facets
  • Complete, standardized and SEO enabled titles
  • SEO rich descriptions
  • Correct product categorization

The Content Creation Cycle




Review Results


Enrich Data

Autonomously enrich your product content by generating missing attributes, facets and with machine learning.

Improve Discoverability

Correctly classified of product records, together with SEO compliant titles and relevant keywords, all work together to serve accurate search results.

Improve Sales

When customers find exactly what they are looking for, you deliver the best shopping experience, which translates into higher conversions and fewer returns.

Innovation Award

Best Innovation!

IceCream Labs wins Innovation Award at the 2018 SHOP.ORG show for
"Best Awareness Tech"

managing data

How complete is your product data? Is it ready for your e-commerce team to publish?

There are several characteristics which provide insight:

  • Missing attributes
  • Accuracy of attributes (are all of the attributes congruent?)
  • How unique are the attributes?
  • Is your product record SEO optimized?
  • How well does your product data match up to customer site searches?

enhancing content

Can you afford to manually touch every product record? Depending on the size of your product catalog, it may be too big of a task for manual curation, this is where artificial intelligence can help.

  • Extract attributes from image data
  • Auto generate titles and descriptions.
  • Identify related products, category groupings and merchandise facets.

reviewing results

The data that you current have from your suppliers likely isn't ready to publish to your product catalog. The journey starts with curating quality content.

  • Quality images
  • Relevant keywords and facets
  • Correct titles and catagorization

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Benefits to your teams

Merchandising Team

  1. Quickly setup new products
  2. Align products to consumer behavior
  3. Improve search
  4. Automated facet generation

Marketing Team

  1. Brand verified content
  2. Verified images
  3. Enriched title and description

E-Commerce Team

  1. Automated title and description generation
  2. SEO keyword suggestions
  3. Enriched product description pages

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