Are you a grocery brand manager, struggling to get your products listed faster?

Your Grocery retailer and channel partners expect high quality product data to list and sell your products online.

 can you deliver the content?

let AI help you generate content

You have enough work to do just to get your product launched into your channel. Wouldn't it be nice to get a little help generating quality product content, in a form ready to use by your channel partners? 

You have your product GTIN/UPC and quality product artwork and images, including nutrition facts and other data. Why not put that data to work for you?

Your channel partners are expecting:

  • Accurate meta-data, including attributes like: allergens, sugar free, Kosher certified, Non-GMO and other facets
  • Complete, standardized and SEO enabled titles
  • SEO rich descriptions
  • Correct product categorization

The Content Creation Cycle




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Benefits for Brands:

Get products listed faster

Autonomously enrich your product content by generating missing attributes and other facet data with artificial intelligence.

Reduce your workload

Classify your product records into your partners taxonomy and generate SEO compliant titles and specific category keywords.

Improve Sales

When customers find exactly what they are looking for, your sales improve and there are fewer returns.

shorten time to market

How complete is your product data?  Do you have all of the data ready to go? IceCream Labs solutions can you help you: 

  • Generate missing attributes
  • Enhance attribute accuracy
  • Generate SEO content
  • Validate images

automate workflow

You may be manually crafting product data today, however AI has evolved to the point that it can help automate your content generation and curation workflow.

  • Extract attributes directly from images.
  • Auto generate keywords, titles and descriptions.
  • Identify related products, category groupings and merchandise facets.

improve results

Top line revenue for your products is a key deliverable for every brand and product manager.

Stop struggling to keep  up with your various channel data requirements and let IceCream Labs help you optimize your product data for each partner.

Ready to see a demo? 

Let the solution show for itself how quickly it can extract, generate and enrich product data. 

Benefits to your teams

Product and Brand Managers

  1. Quickly setup new products
  2. Align products to consumer behavior
  3. Improve search
  4. Automated facet generation

E-Commerce Team

  1. Automated title and description generation
  2. SEO keyword suggestions
  3. Enriched facets and keywords, ready to go

Are you ready to see it work for you?

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