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If your e-commerce catalog is growing faster than you can manage manually, then it's time to get help.

Creating content and managing product data doesn't have to be a chore. We've already helped some of the largest internet retailers to get a handle on their product content. A typical catalog manager has a lot of responsibilities. The larger your catalog, the more data there is to manage.

CatalogIQ works with your existing Product Information Manager (PIM), ​and CatalogIQ can autonomously enrich and validate your existing PIM data. We're partnering with the best PIM's on the market to automatically enrich the data that they store.

catalog managers have a long to do list...

  • Verify images match product.
  • Validate product categorization.
  • Check/create product titles.
  • check
    Edit/create product descriptions.
  • check
    Enhance or add meta-data.
  • check
    Validate or create attributes.

fixing master data is a top digital imperative: 

#2 - Fixing inaccurate master data: Clean up master data files so they are accurate enough to support online sales successfully.

Food Marketing Institute

2018 Digitally Engaged Food Shopper Survey

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what is CatalogIQ?

IceCream Labs CatalogIQ™ helps you to automate and complete most of the tasks of managing the publication of new data to your product catalog.

CatalogIQ examines the product data to determine the accuracy of attributes like product name, product category, and product description. In addition, it also reviews all the related product images and validates if the images have met the necessary quality levels.

why use machine learning?

Manual content creation hasn’t been viable for a while in managing large catalogs. A person can optimize content between catalog release cycles. But when the catalog runs into hundreds of thousands of items, the task becomes impossible.

Think of it this way: an experienced personnel can typically update content for about 12 records per hour. At that rate 2 employees can generate content for approximately 200 records per day or 5000 records a month. However, a catalog with 5 million records would take 80+ years for the two employees or you could hire an army of 2000 employees to edit all the 5M record catalog within a month.

How can CatalogIQ help solve this problem?

machine learning and artificial intelligence are uniquely qualified to help:

Machine Learning

ML builds its own rules for identifying data and it gets smarter as it continually works with large samples.

Unstructured Data Review

CatalogIQ checks 100% of related media assets and ensures that product record and attributes are matched.

SEO-Optimized Titles

CatalogIQ can generate titles and descriptions to improve search performance.

Product Categorization

CatalogIQ automatically categorizes products and suggests additional facets. The process can react to customer search criteria and intentions.

Quality/Health Check

CatalogIQ can perform a 100% quality check on all attributes and metadata to meet the quality specifications.

What our customers are saying:

Since we’ve been using IceCream Labs CatalogIQ™ to enrich our catalog data, we’ve seen sales performance improvements across the product line, everywhere that CatalogIQ touched the data.

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