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CatalogIQ uses machine learning to accurately validate and verify e-commerce product data to ultimately increase revenue and boost operations

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – June 12, 2018 – IceCream Labs, the leader in intelligent merchandising solutions for e-commerce providers, today unveiled CatalogIQ, an AI-based platform that leverages machine learning for unparalleled catalog data quality management. CatalogIQ enables companies to maximize the potential of their product catalog, resulting in immediate impacts to revenues and operations.

“When you have a product catalog with hundreds of thousands or millions of product records, it can be a daunting task to validate all of the data attributes and related image data,” said IceCream Labs founder and CEO Madhu Konety. “Product data comes in continuously from your suppliers and gets reconciled with existing product records in your product catalog. The one thing that you don’t want to do is to lose a sale because the product record is incomplete or doesn’t reflect the actual product that you’re selling. We’ve solved this problem for some of the largest e-commerce vendors in the market and are now offering a new version of our solution for e-commerce providers of all sizes.”

Introducing CatalogIQ

CatalogIQ is the foundation of the IceCream Labs Cognitive Commerce solution. With CatalogIQ, companies can ensure their product catalog data is complete and that it’s ready to use with customers. CatalogIQ is especially beneficial for product catalogs with a large number of products. Using machine learning models, CatalogIQ can adapt to changes in product data over time as users add and delete products or merge new supplier data. Regardless of what is being sold, CatalogIQ can quickly learn about product attributes and begin to validate the integrity of the meta-data.

“We’ve built machine learning models which can identify incorrect attributes and even ensure that product images accurately match the product being sold,” added Konety. “Our first customer is one of the largest US ecommerce providers, and their catalog is so large that it’s impossible for a human to validate all of the data in a timely fashion. With CatalogIQ, they are now able to stay in front of almost continuous product data changes.”

CatalogIQ enables businesses to understand the data integrity of their product catalog. CatalogIQ scans the data to identify which elements are incomplete, inaccurate or invalid. It can identify suspect duplicate product records. To help improve search results, CatalogIQ assesses the SEO-readiness of the text components of a product record.

The result is a thorough understanding of the quality of data in the product catalog. Catalog Managers can now identify all incorrect data and cleanse the information before publication. CatalogIQ gives Catalog Managers the confidence that product information is accurate.

The payback is two-fold: First, catalog managers can now validate that supplier product data is accurate and quickly isolate records which need to be cleansed. This reduces the product data integration timeline and improves the time to market for adding new products to the catalog. Secondly, catalog managers can be assured that bad data doesn’t end up in front of real customers while they are shopping, which can impact both revenue and brand reputation.

CatalogIQ is available now at www.icecreamlabs.com. Customers who leverage CatalogIQ will be able to benefit from the upcoming automation that Cognitive Commerce will enable across the entire ecommerce data management spectrum.

About IceCream Labs

IceCream Labs is the only AI powered platform which provides on-demand Intelligent Merchandising solutions for e-commerce retailers, brands and marketplace sellers. We help you realize the maximum potential of your product catalog by boosting the quality of your product content to create an immediate impact on revenues and operations.

Several of the world’s largest retailers  have benefited from our Intelligent Merchandising platform. Deep learning applications on the platform have delivered results with absolute precision, accelerating revenues 4X for our customers.

Our new catalog data quality platform consumes product data coming in through various sources. Applications on the platform continuously process and profile the content quality of over 100 million products and 50 million images empowered by our big data algorithms. This data is interpreted by our multiple patent pending Deep Learning models to cleanse, enrich and optimize your product content. The output of the models can be integrated seamlessly with your existing solutions to help you reach your business goals.

At IceCream Labs, we believe in the value of technology and its ability to disrupt traditional business models. Our Culture – like technology – is open and without any boundaries. We believe in the power of providing simplicity while managing the complexity behind it, by keeping our focus constantly on Innovation and Execution.


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