Our Intelligent Data Mesh is powering the worlds most successful eCommerce companies.

We use Artificial Intelligence to enable
Intelligent Category Management 

Leveraging the latest in deep learning, image recognition and graph technology, we've built a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence engine that is ready to power the most complete category and merchandising solution for retailers across multiple markets.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is at the heart of IceCream Labs Intelligent Data Mesh. 

We leverage AI to process all of the product data coming through the Intelligent Data Mesh (IDM). We use image recognition to identify what's in an image and to extract relevant attributes about a product in an image. We use deep learning to understand the context of the information seen by the system, and to enrich the information for later use. The entire solution is available as an API, to use in rich integrations. We've processed more than 150 million retail product records through the system.

There are a variety of machine learning technologies that we built into our patent pending solution. However, the bottom line is that we've made it easy to use and simple to integrate into your merchandising workflow.

Applications for the Intelligent Dash Mesh include:

  • Retail Product Description Page (PDP) Enrichment
  • Search Optimization and Keyword extraction
  • Product Recommendations (substitutions and variants)
  • Food Ingredient to product relationships
  • Ensemble and "look" curation

What is a Retail Product Graph?

Your retail product data, connected by an unlimited number of relationships.

The system ingests your product catalog, automatically enriches each individual item record and then intuitively connects all of the product data together into one vast graph.

With this data, it becomes possible to run a variety of AI pipeline operations that support your other merchandising workflow. You can learn more about specific use cases on our Retail Grocery and Fashion pages.


Models are pretrained

Autonomously enrich your product content by generating missing attributes, facets and with machine learning.

Always learning

Correctly classified of product records, together with SEO compliant titles and relevant keywords, all work together to serve accurate search results.

Manage Stock Outs

With Intelligent Category Management, you can recommend alternative products to a customer during checkout, or to your pick and pack staff during fulfillment.

Ready to see a demo? 

Let the solution show for itself how quickly it can generate recommendations for your catalog items.