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Iron man needs his suit. Captain America needs Super Serum to become superhuman. All my television needed was the Apple TV box.

Apple TV is a digital media player and surely the future of TV apps. Away from the whole searching, browsing and annoying transactions of traditional video serving; I am just a touch away from renting movies, TV shows, podcasts to watching my favorite shows on Netflix, HULU Plus, HBO GO and catching the live action of MLB, NFL and NBA.

So what’s so cool about the new addition in my life, The Apple TV? Straight away from the moment of unboxing the streaming box, Apple makes sure it leaves the customer spellbound with its design. The whole New OS design gives me a sneak-peak to the future. Apple, famous for its user friendly GUIs surprises you with yet another fantastic experience. Skipping the manual work, Apple TV connects to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and sets up the appropriate network settings. The new remote enhances the experience and pampers you with the addition of features like motion sensitivity with an accelerometer, gyroscope sensors, touch pad and SIRI. The remote is capable of running for 3 months on one charge.

The remote also makes the Apple TV a cool gaming console: flip the remote sideways and you have your very own gaming controller. Have many friends? They can use their iPhone and iPod to join in for the ultimate gaming experience. If you want to get on board faster, download the remote app on your Apple product and use its keyboard as your very own apple TV keyboard.

Apple TV has all the right reasons to boast about its SIRI update. SIRI, your very own Jarvis does almost anything to keep you entertained. From searching specific movies or shows to searching them based on the actor, director or genre SIRI is always ready to listen and bring you the suggestions in seconds. From checking the weather forecast and stocks; to keeping you updated with the baseball match score that you are missing while watching a series, SIRI never fails to impress.

Apple TV streams using their HLS protocol allowing for integration of metadata; enabling content delivery with context and thus opening a new possibility for crossing over industry sectors via interactions.

In addition to the favorite streaming services like Netflix, HULU, HBO GO; the new generation OS also provides the App Store to download apps custom made for the tvOS. From games and news to E-Com apps the world is in your hands now while watching TV at your home. Liked the new pair of shoes you saw in the series? Now you can have them in no time and just a few clicks away, thanks to the shopping apps. Thanks to the AirPlay feature you can view all your photos and videos by mirroring your iPhone with the TV.

Apple TV is bridging the gap between traditional display devices and OTT broadcasting services while providing a fantastic user experience in terms of GUI and app integration.

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