We are Visual! We are Geeky! &

We are Committed!


IceCream Labs provides solutions using Visual Intelligence extracted from photos and videos using Machine Learning and Computer Vision for the media,industrial markets and e-commerce.
For media companies, we index and extract timed metadata from videos to provide make online video interactive, social and shoppable – creating new revenues opportunities and increasing consumer engagement with 90% cost saving.
For industrial distributors & MROs we provide smart phone based visual search to improve cataloguing efficiency by 50% and reducing customer order time by up to 75% – increasing revenues and operational efficiency.
We have well rounded business, product management, research & engineering team from Stanford, INRIA, IIT Madras and NIT and experience at companies like Qualcomm, ThoughtWorks, BMC Software, Samsung, Network General and Siemens. In addition we have senior executives from NFL, NBC, Panasonic, Adobe and American Axel as advisors.


At IceCream Labs, we believe in the value of technology and its ability to disrupt traditional business models. Our Culture – like technology – is open and without any boundaries. We believe in the power of providing simplicity while managing the complexity behind it, by keeping our focus constantly on Innovation and Execution.