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passionate about creating high quality AI and ML platforms that gets results for our customers.

intelligent merchandising to accelerate revenues

Icecream Labs is the only AI powered platform which provides on-demand Intelligent Merchandising solutions for ecommerce retailers, brands and marketplace sellers. We help you realize the maximum potential of your product catalog by boosting the quality of your product content and creates an immediate impact on revenues and operations.

Some of the world's biggest retailers have benefited from our Intelligent Merchandising platform. Deep learning applications on the platform have delivered results with absolute precision, accelerating revenues 4X for our customers.

Our Intelligent Merchandising platform consumes product data coming in through various sources. Applications on the platform continuously process and profile the content quality of over 100 million products and 50 million images empowered by our big data algorithms. This data is interpreted by our multiple patent pending Deep Learning models to cleanse, enrich and optimize your product content. The output of the models can be integrated seamlessly with your existing solutions to help you reach your business goals.

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At IceCream Labs, we believe in the value of technology and its ability to disrupt traditional business models. Our Culture – like technology – is open and without any boundaries. We believe in the power of providing simplicity while managing the complexity behind it, by keeping our focus constantly on Innovation and Execution.