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New York, New York – Jan 14, 2019 – IceCream Labs, the leader in intelligent merchandising solutions for e-commerce providers, launched SLURP.AI today at the 2019 NRF Big Show. SLURP.AI enables consumers to quickly plan meals, purchase meal ingredients and personalise their shopping carts based on price, availability and dietary needs from their favorite grocers.

“SLURP.AI delivers a new generation of intelligent content matching by combining complex machine learning and product graph technologies. SLURP.AI uses machine learning, natural language processing and semantic analysis to create a dynamic a data mesh which links the product graph, ingredient graph and recipe graph. This allows for automatic mapping of products to recipe ingredients and helps suggest substitute and complementary products. SLURP.AI is able to fulfill several retailer use cases that weren’t possible with existing shoppable content offerings.”, said Madhu Konety, CEO of IceCream Labs. “SLURP is able to dynamically recommend products, both to the consumer, and to the picker”

“Our objective is to to help our grocery retailers and brands improve the consumer experience in a hyper competitive grocery market by improving product search, recommendations and personalisation”, said Konety. “When we showed this to our grocery partners, they were excited by the prospects of leveraging machine learning to process new recipe and product data in real time”.

For grocers, a key application for SLURP.AI is in helping ensure customer orders are fulfilled by ensuring pickers find the best products during the pick and pack operation and handle “stock out” situations. Typically, a stock out will lead to a lost order and lost revenue, in an already low margin operation. With SLURP.AI, the pickers can now quickly find substitutes that will still satisfy the customer’s needs.

In addition, SLURP.AI makes recipe ingredient data shoppable. SLURP.AI uses machine learning and a deep ingredient taxonomy to match ingredients to products within a grocer’s product catalog. Once the model is trained, SLURP.AI is able to automatically update ingredient references as new products are added to the grocer’s product catalog. SLURP.AI’s auto suggest feature allows consumers to dynamically personalise carts based on price, availability and dietary needs with just a click of a button. Reducing shopping time and improving customer satisfaction.

SLURP.AI leverages a model driven recipe parser to ingest both structured and unstructured recipe files. The parser is fundamental to dissecting a recipe for ingredients, measures, utensils and instructions. This parser uses the same unique, model driven technology as our market leading CatalogIQ solution (which can read and understand CPG product packaging).

Lastly, SLURP.AI can leverage its data mesh to help suggest complementary products. The use case here is in meal planning, when the consumer may want to know what courses (recipes/ingredients) go well together and/or to pair wine and beer with a meal/ingredient.

“As we advance the ability of the Intelligent Data Mesh to build relationships between different types of data, we’re finding new and unique applications for that information”, said Konety. “We believe that the grocery market is evolving quickly right now and SLURP.AI is a great example of the synergy between IceCream Labs and our grocer clients”

Leveraging AI-based retail solutions from IceCream Labs help to improve retail customer experience

We are evaluating partners for our upcoming SLURP.AI beta release. To get on the beta list for Slurp, go to https://slurp.ai/

About IceCream Labs

IceCream Labs is the only AI powered platform which provides on-demand Intelligent Merchandising solutions for e-commerce retailers, brands and marketplace sellers. We help you realize the maximum potential of your product catalog by boosting the quality of your product content to create an immediate impact on revenues and operations.

Several of the world’s largest retailers have benefited from our Intelligent Merchandising platform. Deep learning applications on the platform have delivered results with absolute precision, accelerating revenues up to 4X for our customers.

Our new catalog data quality platform consumes product data coming in through various sources. Applications on the platform continuously process and profile the content quality of over 100 million products and 50 million images empowered by our big data algorithms. This data is interpreted by our multiple patent pending Deep Learning models to cleanse, enrich and optimize your product content. The output of the models can be integrated seamlessly with your existing solutions to help you reach your business goals.

At IceCream Labs, we believe in the value of technology and its ability to disrupt traditional business models. Our Culture – like technology – is open and without any boundaries. We believe in the power of providing simplicity while managing the complexity behind it, by keeping our focus constantly on Innovation and Execution.


Mike Oitzman

IceCream Labs


Web: icecreamlabs.com

Ph: 530-270-9466


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