Modernizing the grocery shopping experience with Mobile

Nearly every industry has been revolutionized with the advent of the Internet. With the technology continuing to advance and online connectivity becoming stronger and synonymous in daily life, mobile tech played a significant role in shaping this revolution. Many retailers across fashion, electronics, etc. have made mobile an integral part of their marketing strategies.Food retailers are not far behind while going mobile. To retain the current customer base and win over new ones, grocery retailers are implementing solutions that offer unique mobile experiences that not only provide convenience but also increase brand awareness and inculcate customer loyalty.Besides the overall rise in mobile shopping among consumers, there are many reasons for grocery retailers and other players in the food retail industry to pivot towards implementing mobile solutions for their businesses.

Providing a complete brand experience

Grocery retailers often apply the omnichannel approach while appealing to consumer groups and mobile is becoming a crucial part in this process. By providing a tech-savvy shopper an interactive and immersive customer experience, grocers increase their chances of creating a lasting effect which amplifies their brand while resonating with the user.

For instance: A retailer can leverage social media sites, image based platforms such as Instagram to interact as a brand, vocalizing brand values through the platform. Retailers such as Amazon push promotions to showcase some of their products via Instagram on the user’s feed, allowing the user to browse before selecting a product of his choice and be taken to the Amazon website. 

Keeping pace with the competition

Consumers today use the mobile as a means to search for products due to the sheer convenience it provides. Realizing this, many grocery retailers started leveraging the power of mobile technology to keep pace with their competition.

Businesses who can successfully adapt to the changing shopper trends and deliver seamless shopping experiences via integrated mobile solutions would more likely be able to convert users into loyal customers.


Digitization has drastically transformed the way people shop while widening the berth of opportunities for the grocery retailers. With mobile sites and apps, grocers can provide their customers to have personal and unique shopping experiences where every consumer is the most important element in the scenario. This would allow grocery retailers to engage with customers in a personal manner. by providing them access to products and helping them curate their shopping experience.

Crafting loyalty programs

To encourage and reward purchasing behavior of a customer while increasing their urge to stay loyal to a specific brand, grocery retailers can leverage mobile to deliver the loyalty programs to offer benefits and entice and retain customers.Ex: Loyalty programs such as providing reward points that can be redeemed at the end of the month or special discounts on products as an exclusive members-only benefit.

Integrating mobile app with the in-store experience

Retailers can utilize mobile apps to enhance the in-store shopping experience, making it an enjoyable shopping journey for consumers. The mobile apps could entail all the information for the products that the consumer may need, before even entering the store or providing the location of the desired product without having to go through aisles and aisles.Another great example is the use of Beacons – when a customer would walk into the store in the range of the beacon, getting activated, it would automatically and immediately send an alert to the customer of all the special offers that the store provides.

Mobile payments

With the variety of payment options available such as mobile wallets, consumers are steadily moving away from cash and credit card payments. A mobile payment system can easily be integrated into an app to help deliver a seamless grocery shopping experience. This adds a level of convenience for the consumer, as they can easily pay using the mobile instead of having to look for their wallets and picking out cards or cash.

Amazon launched Amazon Go, in an attempt disrupt the grocery industry with its new cashier-less way of shopping. A brick and mortar setup that allows users to walk in and walk out of the store without the hassle of check out. All of this is done using the customers’ smartphones. The technology automatically detects when products are taken and, or returned. When a customer is done shopping, he can just leave the store. Amazon automatically charges their account for the items they’ve walked out with and sends them the receipt.

As more people depend on their mobile devices to do regular tasks, integrating mobile solutions to help retailers interact with their customers will enable them to build innovative strategies that will elevate marketing products more effectively while adding convenience to consumers. Grocery retailers while making use of mobile apps and mobile-first sites, can apply a consumer-centric approach to their offerings. This would also have an immediate effect on the way customers perceive the brand and on the potential to build customer loyalty.

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