The Intelligent Data Mesh uses machine learning to extract features, enrich product attributes and extend your product catalog, resulting in a better shopping experience for customers

LAS VEGAS, Nevada. – Sept 13, 2018 – IceCream Labs, the leader in intelligent merchandising solutions for e-commerce providers, today unveiled the Intelligent Data Mesh (IDM), an AI-based platform that leverages machine learning for unparalleled catalog data quality management. The IDM enables companies to maximize the potential of their product catalog, resulting in immediate impacts to revenues and operations.

“Merchandising managers have a tough job today to stay up on the latest trends in their markets. Selling online has changed many of the classic rules of merchandising and as a result, it can be tough to stay on top of what consumers desire”, said IceCream Labs founder and CEO Madhu Konety. “It can be exhausting to stay on top of the latest social trends and react quickly in your product line to those trends. We have solved this problem for the merchandising manager by leveraging AI to connect all of the dots, while providing suggestions on how to assemble new ‘looks’ in their product lines; all based on social data signals.”

Introducing the Intelligent Data Mesh and IceCream Labs StyleIQ™

The Intelligent Data Mesh (IDM) is the core platform for all of the IceCream Labs solutions. At the center of the IDM sits the machine learning models which are leveraged to extract and process product data from any content source. The IDM’s artificial intelligence engine enriches product content by generating missing attributes, meta-data and product titles. The outputs of these operations are made available through the IceCream Labs CatalogIQ™ solution. CatalogIQ is especially beneficial for product catalogs with a large number of products.

 “The Intelligent Data Mesh commercializes our machine learning ML models, making them applicable to multiple market segments,” added Konety. “We now have ML models capable of processing image and source data from the grocery, home and garden, and fashion markets. We have also generalized the generation capabilities of IDM to make it functional for any market segment. The IDM can directly pull and push data into/out of a PIM, MDM or CSP.”

At Shop.org, IceCream Labs is also demonstrating the new IceCream Labs StyleIQ™ solution. StyleIQ is built on top of the IDM and leverages the AI within the IDM to connect all of the products in the product catalog. StyleIQ helps merchandising and product managers automate their daily workflow. StyleIQ leverages the power of the IDM to understand all of the products within a product line and then illustrate unseen product groupings and relationships within the catalog. StyleIQ can then compare the existing product line to what’s trending on social media. By leveraging the power of AI to autonomously make the product associations, StyleIQ can generate new product collections, ensembles and “looks”.  In the online grocery market, StyleIQ can be applied to help automatically fill a shopper’s cart with products related to a given recipe or cuisine.

For an e-commerce or merchandising manager, the payback from the IDM and StyleIQ comes in multiple forms. First, StyleIQ helps automate the daily workflow tasks of the merchandising manager to reduce their workload. Working as a virtual assistant, StyleIQ can research the latest social media trends and suggest new product configurations. Second, the IDM can automatically enhance and enrich your product catalog data directly from your PIM or MDM. You can still use your existing PIM for all of your product data governance processes, knowing that it is being enriched with complete data. Finally, by providing online customers with an enhanced shopping experience, you improve their ability to visualize the choices in your product line, increase the “discoverability” of your products online and improve the opportunity for both conversion and an increased gross merchandise volume at checkout.

The Intelligent Data Mesh is available now at www.icecreamlabs.com. StyleIQ is in the demonstration phase and you can see a demonstration at the IceCream Labs booth (#IL4) in the Innovation Lab at Shop.org this week.

About IceCream Labs

IceCream Labs is the only AI powered platform which provides on-demand Intelligent Merchandising solutions for e-commerce retailers, brands and marketplace sellers. We help you realize the maximum potential of your product catalog by boosting the quality of your product content to create an immediate impact on revenues and operations.

Several of the world’s largest retailers have benefited from our Intelligent Merchandising platform. Deep learning applications on the platform have delivered results with absolute precision, accelerating revenues 4X for our customers.

Our new catalog data quality platform consumes product data coming in through various sources. Applications on the platform continuously process and profile the content quality of over 100 million products and 50 million images empowered by our big data algorithms. This data is interpreted by our multiple patent pending Deep Learning models to cleanse, enrich and optimize your product content. The output of the models can be integrated seamlessly with your existing solutions to help you reach your business goals.

At IceCream Labs, we believe in the value of technology and its ability to disrupt traditional business models. Our Culture – like technology – is open and without any boundaries. We believe in the power of providing simplicity while managing the complexity behind it, by keeping our focus constantly on Innovation and Execution.


Mike Oitzman

IceCream Labs


Web: icecreamlabs.com

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About the Author

Mike is leading the marketing and product management teams at IceCream Labs. Mike brings more than 20 years of machine vision, automation and enterprise software marketing and sales experience to the team.

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