How can AI improve SEO for retailers?

Drafting creative SEO strategies is a crucial point for retailers. Having rich data like clear images, or detailed product descriptions is imperative as the content is one of the main traffic drivers for e-commerce portals. Implementing the right product description strategies can impact and enhance site searches and increase sales.

Images play a pivotal role

Site searches and site data are directly related. This means that if the site contains poor data, the results received will be insufficient and may not meet visitor expectations. Consumers are more willing to engage with content that includes relevant images, and hence mapping images to rich attributes is important so that the relevant results appear on the website. This would show products that would better interest the customer.

This is especially important for e-commerce businesses because the product overview and its appearance play a very important role during a purchase. A research even shows that over 90% of consumers consider that the images play an important role during the purchase journey.

Automated descriptions are accurate descriptions

Many consumers when searching to find a specific product, often get irritated when the results show irrelevant products. For instance, while searching for a “little black dress”, maxi dresses in the results should not show up.

Search engines rank images against several factors. These include file name, the captions provided with the image, the alt tags, how the product is categorized, etc.

AI solutions based on image recognition have started to gain momentum. They help generate deeper and accurate attributes from product pictures in an automated manner.  These solutions are based upon recognizing the shape and size of objects. In terms of fashion, this can help in identifying clothing – the type of clothing (shirt, blouse, jumpsuit), the color, its fabric (denim, lace, cotton), the patterns (stripes, chevron, floral) and its shape (short sleeved, cowl neck, etc.)

The aim of this solution is to function in a similar manner to that of a human brain. The AI solutions can classify and extract very specific information from an image. From a product provided by a customer, the machine uses algorithms to recognize specific patterns and arrive at certain conclusions. It also utilizes patterns from previous experiences, as a way to learn by itself.

Homogenizing product attributes and categorization

Loading products onto the website along with each product categorization can be extremely time-consuming. If this is done manually, there is a chance that typing errors or duplicate entries in categorization may happen. These mistakes can highly affect SEO rankings, as Google factors in linguistic accuracy and classification.

Furthermore, the more specific and descriptive the product attributes are, the easier the task becomes to match long tail searches and provide relevant products to the users entering a search query.

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Powerful and intuitive image recognition AI solutions help to avoid categorization mistakes and provide richer attributes. This makes online catalog management efficient and enables search engines to find appropriate products – ultimately, enhancing product discoverability with automated content.  

Leveraging AI and machine learning capabilities, CatalogIQ can help your e-commerce or retail business by strengthening your content and improve your search rankings.

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